Where do I access my tips?

The ‘Cock’s tips and cheat sheets will always be found in the members portal, with daily tips typically added the night prior to racing, and metro cheat sheets finalised 18-36 hours in advance. Access them here.


Have you got results?

The ‘Cock is completely transparent with all his results and publishes the full breakdown of his cheat sheet performance after each weekend, plus the full summary of his best bets service at the end of each month. See these results in The ‘Cock’s blog posts here.


I can’t find my password?

Your password will have been emailed to you upon purchasing your premium subscription, so be sure to check your junk mail if you have not yet seen this. If you still cannot find your password, you can request a new password here.


How do I upgrade my account?

You have free reign to upgrade your account at any time to ensure you are getting the most out of your punting via your member’s dashboard. In doing so, the upgrade will process immediately and you will only be charged a pro rata amount. You can upgrade here.


How do you recommend betting on the daily best bets?

The daily best bets are chosen using an extremely strict selection criteria, which is applied across all races all around Australia. On average there are 3 best bets per day, but some days no selections will meet criteria and mean no bets will be listed. As these bets are listed the day before the races and many of the bets are at provincial venues where early prices are very high percentages, you should be careful with locking in an early price unless it is clearly over the market. The ‘Cock recommends using Bet365 for these early prices as they have the most competitive odds, publish prices first and offer an SP guarantee on your fixed odds bets.


How do you recommend betting on the Peacock Cheat Sheets?

The Peacock Cheat Sheet provides a very strong overview of key metropolitan races, outlining winning chances as well as runners to take on. Keep in mind that metro quaddie legs are generally the most competitive races all week, so it’s important to have the discipline to pick and choose your races to get involved in. The ‘Cock will often identify races where a large portion of the field have the capability to win, races where key runners carry question marks, or races where the greatest winning chances are well found by the market and under the odds despite them being the top pick – these are races where you may be better off either sitting out, or reducing the size of your stake.

The recommended betting strategy will help you to identify the best way to play each race & sometimes the recommendation will be that you bet on multiple runners. ’Proportional Staking’, where you bet on selections ‘to win’ a set amount rather than having a standard bet stake, is a good way to follow the cheat sheet as it allows you to have a higher volume of bets without using up your entire bank.


What are some other recommendations on how to bet?

Remember that whilst The ‘Cock is always looking for winners, more importantly, he’s always looking for value. The best way to think about this is understanding the probabilities on the flip of a coin – ‘heads’ is a 50% chance, so it’s true odds are $2. If you can get $2.50 odds on heads, it’s a great bet, but you still might have a run of losses betting on heads at these odds.

The ‘Cock doesn’t get phased if he’s betting on heads at $2.50 and he has a losing run because he knows that long term the results will look after themselves as long as you bet at the right odds.

The same approach should be taken when betting on horses. A horse that The ‘Cock has rated his top selection as a $3 chance has a 33.3% chance of winning (note that it is still a 66.7% chance to lose even on a ‘short favourite’) may be a good bet if the odds available are more than $3, but it’s a bad bet if the odds available are less than $3 even though it’s the runner that is rated on top.


How do I cancel my subscription?

In the unlikely event you get tired of lining your pockets with The ‘Cock, send an email to [email protected] for a cancellation of your subscription to be organised.


If you still have a question that needs answering, email [email protected] and The ‘Cock will provide you with a response as soon as possible.